St. John's Lutheran Church
               a Grace place - a perfect place for imperfect people

January 15, 2017

 Taking The Initiative.
We continue the series entitled, What God Can Do Through the Likes of You.  


Worship the Lord  in the splendor
of His holiness Psalm 96:9 (ESV

Jan 22            Taking Risks                                                             Jan 29            Looking to God for Miracles

Feb 4            Developing a Strength from Within                              Feb 12           Dealing with All the Difficulties   
Feb 18           Obedience is Not a Dirty Word                      

Feb 26           Don’t Give Up, Look Up

  • 29:27

8:30 am. Traditional Worship ( in the spirit of our great pasts)
+ 10:00 am. Sounds of the Times (the new songs of the times)
+ 12:30 pm Centro Christiano

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