St. John's Lutheran Church
               a Grace place - a perfect place for imperfect people

A Journey to the Cross


March 19 :  Murder 
the 3rd in the series God;s Paradox: Loving What He Hates

  • 31:03

8:30 am. Traditional Worship ( in the spirit of our great pasts)
+ 10:00 am. Sounds of the Times (the new songs of the times)
+ 12:30 pm Centro Christiano

* Review Jesus’ journey to the Cross by viewing The Passion story through the miniseries The Bible.
        March 26  Jesus before the High Priest            April 2 Jesus Before Pilate                 April 9: The Parade
        April 13:  The Holy Meals                                 April 14: The Crucifixion                     April 16: The Resurrection 

March 26:  Dishonesty 
​the 4th in the series 
God;s Paradox: Loving What He Hates

Family Day
One Service - 9:30 am

It is the power of God for salvation