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               December 21, 2014

        Peace in a Very Uptight World
     the 3rd in the series
God's Gift Giving
. +  8:30 am. Traditional Worship ( in the spirit of our great pasts)
  + 10:00 am. Sounds of the Times (the new songs of the times)
  + 12:30 p.m. Centro Cristiano (Spanish)

    December 21, 28 and Jan 4 are Family Sundays
                   One service at 9:30 am.


                         Holiday Worship

+    Christmas Eve Family Worship - 6:00 p.m.

his service is designed for families with children. The informal service includes
      the singing of  traditional Christmas carols, the Christmas story in video,
      a children’s choir and Attic presents “The Wise Guys”.  Kids get a gift bag!

+    Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship - 7:30 p.m.
his service is filled with candlelight. It includes St. John’s Choir, the singing of traditional
      Christmas carols, anthems, Pastor Mark offers the encouragement, “Hallelujah!”

+    New Year's Eve Reflections - 7:00 pm.

      We give God thanks for the safe ending of the year and ask for His blessings on the year ahead.
      Holy Communion is served. Pastor Mark’s homily is entitled Putting Yourself in Proper Gear.

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Honor your  presence at our school. Memorialize family members.
Remember significant dates:  - Weddings, Birthdays, graduations.
These bricks are available at $30 per brick

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                      We are perfect place for imperfect people!

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* School
* Sermons      

* Purpose       

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                      News and Notes:

 Dec. 16   St. John’s School Christmas Concert - 7pm
 Jan 10    Concert featuring
"For All Season" Doors open at 5:30pm
                Join along with other churches in our community.
Jan 11 - Feb 1: The series entitled
This Year Can Be Different
Jan. 27 - School Band & Orchestra Concert  - 7pm
Jan 30 - Feb 2:
Cruising with Pastor Mark and Bev  see details  
Feb 8 - March 29:
50 Days of Transformation (small groups)
            Dealing with spiritual, physical, mental, emotional,
            relational financial and vocational health
July 10-19:
Joining Jesus on His Mission (Attic Mission Trip)


 God's Gift Giving

Dec 7      Hope to Cope with Everything      outline
Dec 14    Mercy for All Kinds of Mess-Ups    outline
Dec 21    P     outline
Dec 28    Love That Endures All Things     outline
Jan 4      Self-assurance in Everything        outline

We the people of St John’s are a GRACE place, a place of…

       Growth; we strive to better understand and apply God’s truth.
elevance; we attempt to relate to and serve others lovingly and effectively.
cceptance; we aim to honor, respect, and make room for our differences.

ommunity; we intend to cherish the family & the importance of our neighborhood.
quality; we seek to deal with people as equals.


     Therefore, we believe we are a perfect place for imperfect people.