St. John's Lutheran Church
               a Grace place - a perfect place for imperfect people

Celebrate His Love with Us!

  • Working Through Catastrophe36:49

8:30 am. Traditional Worship ( in the spirit of our great pasts)
+ 10:00 am. Sounds of the Times (the new songs of the times)
+ 12:30 pm Centro Christiano

The Miracle of Mercy” that begins next week. It includes a six week commitment to Bible Study.
Sept 18: The Miracle of Mercy                                    Sept 25 Mercy That Forgives! 
Oct. 2: Your Ministry in Mercy!                                    Oct. 9    Mercy Given to the Family
Oct. 16: Making the World a Better place                    Oct. 23: Your Mercy Mission
            Oct. 30:            What God Can Do Through a Merciful You!

Test #4:  Working Through Catastrophe   

The 4th in the series Pop quizzes - FOUR TESTS of our Faith;
revealed though the Life of Abraham
Featuring scenes from the TV Mini-Series “The  Bible"

September 11, 2016
Prayer That is Always Answered